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Linda Johnson

Well presented & thought-provoking. I had to view it in stages as i got very emotional. Brilliant piece of work x

Sam Leonard


Jayne Moore

The exhibition has delivered a powerful message that these people are all decent human beings who without any question deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and equality. They have the right to happy and have fulfilled long lives. I have spent almost 3 years fighting for my son without much thought for anything else. The exhibition has reminded me of the pride I have for him. Thank you for all the hard work that has gone in to it, it's amazing x

Sarah Warren

Very Powerful and speaking from people’s hearts - it is emotional x

Vicki Crabb

Thank you so much for putting this exhibition together. Thanks also to those who have shared their stories of abuse pain and neglect. Sadly after thirty two years of fighting the system nothing shocks me any more. I am so fortunate that my daughter is now in a better place I’m so very proud of her. I hope and pray the lives of so many who have no voice will change for the better and soon ❤️

Sue Cousins

Just fantastic, thank you to everyone x

Deb Evans

Fabulous.Every aspect so strong and clear.Just great how laid out wth the conclusion that dear youngsters young or old same right to a family life and worthy life they should all be given.Well done to you all great job.

Jo Hough

I've only been able to look at parts of the exhibition so far, as it's so powerful - I'll come back when I've taken it all in!

Isabelle Garnett

It's absolutely stunning - both in look and in content. Well done to all involved.

Glenice Lake

Said i would need strong coffee and a box of kleenex. Just needed a factory full of tissues and I haven't finished yet. Pain sufferring loss and some smiles. You guys are amazing a beautiful legacy to beautiful family members. I dont know how you did it but what an inspirational bunch you are. I know it was done with nothing but love and that definitely shines through every single piece of work.

Nicola Bartzis

Proud to have been able to do my bit, but humbled too when I remember all those who have been silenced or are not able to speak out. A seminal piece of work that will have impact for years to come. Just brilliant xxx

Lisa Cookson

Powerful reading albeit very distressing - well done to all who contributed

Katherine Runswick-Cole

Powerful. Touching. Enraging. Humanising. Thank you.

Caroline Hunter

A brilliant Exhibition. What you have collectively produced is incredible - so powerful, so full of talent, energy & love. So blinking sad that in 2018 this even needs to be done. Thank you for all your hard work, and for those people who bared their souls. The world needs to hear this abuse of human rights. xx

Nic Crosby

Loved / love every bit of it ........cried buckets, laughed but to be honest mostly raged amazing way to convey such a powerful challenge to the way different people are treated .....and ‘we’ still think its okay....its not (tears) and it cannot continue ....thank you x

Alex MacNeil

Humbling. Heart breaking. Bloody joyful. Puts fire in my belly.

Gail Hanrahan

Haven’t seen it all yet but what I’ve seen so far...Powerful, heartbreaking and full of love ❤️

Brenda Fissenden

This exhibition runs in my mind like a Theatre show .
Alix voices setting the scene of 'Just a number another cog in the wheel of the Trade in vulnerabilities .
The passion of those who stood up stood out and just didn't give up. Question decesions and best intersts .standing in truth ! Confronting a system that inprisions loved ones in a dehumanised warehouse of thinking that straitjackets the heart of true care .
Contrasted against those HeARTist who colours shine through. Those who supported the talents and gifts that others may have dismissed . Took their place to shine and share their unique contribution .
Julie's song brought all the characters together and shift shaped into a united voice a chorus a croir that comes together and sings out loud and proud : Bring them home ! All les miserables ,loved ones locked up,detained,sepetated in disabled thinking of Fear and Lack .
As the song comes to a close the faces on screen become dots and are joined together to form a big heart and form a rainbow from all there hearts to each and every person who views this exhibition . And somewhere over the Rainbow I know some day soon that the big hearts that lie within the Exhibition and beyond really do,make a difference .
Thankyou to every one organisers and exhibitors . Your passion shines true ! I Applaude you !!

Jayne Knight

Mark, Mark and Julie the bringing together of this wonderful and deeply human exhibition has been a labour of love and hard work for you so thank you on behalf of all citizens.
It's meaningful and intense and extraordinarily beautiful
It has made me sad and glad
It's real and powerful and thank you everyone who took the time xxxx
Much love

Sarah Simmonds

Very good

Sam Sly

A main part of what I do in my job is help people realise they have skills & talents and boy have the people in this exhibition!! It was a roller coaster of emotion reading & watching one minute laughing, the next crying - thank you

AnnJulia Larsen

It's not simply insight, it's an explosive account of authorities treatment of people with autism and/or an intellectual disability as close as always to third class citizens. Once is a mistake, twice is a warning. This is into the hundreds and thousands of cases. An epidemic of criminal neglect. What happened to the human rights act addressing what is inhumane incarceration in containment units on ex long stay sites or sites beyond easy travel distance for families? Nothing. All we read is just the tip of one of the biggest lies and scandals in post war Britain. We still don't know the number of preventable deaths over seven decades or how many people with autism/learning disability incarcerated in long stay on advice to helpless, unsupported parents had post mortems or what happened to the remains of hundreds of thousands of people with a learning disability. (guesstimate from the suggested 3 preventable deaths every day). Universal health care and safeguarding in C21st Britain. Not happening.

Pam Hickmott

I'm so have so many friends now!!..myself and Roy felt isolated ...frighten .bullied ....and at times life not worth carrying on ...without great friends like...Julie always ready to help !!...Leo my good Friend ..Debs also we share so much ! Jane Moore ..Caroline ..Vanessa..Jayne knight ..Jules ..Helen many sorry if not mentioned but you know who you are !!...thank you's a good feeling not being alone ..Pam and Royxxxx

Paul Richards

I wanted to find time to have a good wander round and glad I did. I've been laughing, I've been in tears, I've been fascinated, educated and angered. I'm aiming to get a piece written for the Stay Up Late website about it soon. It won't be 'the best bits' - just the things that popped out at me as I wandered round. Thank you to everyone who's put Rightful Lives together - it's just a fantastic thing.

AnnJulia Larsen

An outstanding exhibition and at last, voices of those who rarely are heard. Feeling angry, feeling demoralised with a system in a wealthy nation that talked a lot about change back in the 1980s and promised everything, including valuing people back in 2001.The system never worked because impoverished thinking in Govt and no joined up thinking with multi agencies. A lottery whether you get appalling care and a premature death or just reasonable care.

Louise Eden

Pictures speak eloquently about rights and humanity. Each section is well curated and I have had some strong emotional reactions: love, pride, compassion, anger. It’s a landmark piece of work.