Kathy and Jennifer

As part of - Hidden Lives Remembered – Exploring the Histories of People with Learning Disabilities in Solihull

Kathy and Jennifer have a moving, insightful (and at times funny!) discussion about the Hidden Lives Remembered Heritage Lottery Funded project so far.

They reflect upon how the project has helped to build Kathy's confidence.

They talk about how important advocacy has been in general and to them personally.

They reflect on the human rights of people in institutions in the past and today.

They talk about what human rights mean to them and the rights that people should have.

Find out more about the work Solihull Action through Advocacy does to support people with learning disabilities and autism here: https://solihulladvocacy.org.uk/

Find out about the Hidden Lives Remembered project here: https://www.hiddenlivesremembered.com/

You can see the trancript here