Heavy Load - Shut your Bollocks

The Story behind the single

After 15 years of mayhem and anarchy Heavy Load decided to call it a day and played their last ever gig in Trafalgar Square as part of the Paralympic Festivities in 2012.

5 years on from that the band all decided they were missing each other so much that a one-off re-union was in order and they met for a recording session in Brighton in May ’17. Well nearly all!

Due to a cock up with the diary and rota one of the band wasn’t able to make the session. It was a fittingly appropriate moment given all the work the band did around setting up the Stay Up Late campaign and everything that’s happened since. Perhaps the reason the campaign had such an impact is because members of the band weren’t immune from the effects of careless and unthinking support.

In true DIY fashion though the whole band contributed to the single with some additional bedroom recording sessions.

The chaos around the session, and the disappointment for the other band members, manifested itself in the first song from the session. ‘Shut your bollocks (and give a shit about me)’. We feel it sums up quite a lot about turning some of the rhetoric we hear from some support providers and turning it round to actually be about really caring about someone’s life.

Sadly the launch night of the single never happened as Simon Barker, Heavy Load’s charismatic frontman, and the king of all things anarchic, sadly passed away suddenly in August ’17. However, the single is a lovely memory of our dear friend at his funniest and sweariest best!

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