Connor Sparrowhawk and Justice for LB

The Justice for LB campaign arose after the appalling, preventable death from neglect of Connor . The campaign set out its aims (The Connor Manifesto) and quickly amassed 1000s of supporters from across the world. Five years of relentless campaigning has led to multiple reviews and reports into the deaths of people with learning disabilities and/or autism whilst in the care of the State. What the campaign could never have foreseen was the amount of obfuscation, denial, cover up and shameful parent blaming encountered at each twist and turn of the campaign.

I think it is fair to say that Justice for LB has changed the way that public campaigns are run forever. The campaign was conducted with creativity, transparency, courage, humour, wisdom and a spirit that never allowed the many knocks the campaign received to derail its journey to achieve justice for Connor and all the dudes. Behind the campaign have been two incredible women. Dr Sara Ryan (Connor’s mother) and Dr George Julian have led the way with a courageous tenacity that always means they will say the unsayable to the (usually) unchallengeable and it is this brutal quest for truth that has inspired and liberated many other families to fight for their children’s rights. We owe them both the greatest debt of honour. It is impossible to do justice to the lights that the Justice for LB campaign switched on.

If you click on the image below you can see just a few highlights of the love and colour that was borne out of Connor’s death. I think he would have lapped it up…….