The Evaluation

Ronnie Treston – Expert by Experience and freelance teacher
Daniel Marsden – Senior Lecturer – Kingston St Georges University


In 2015 Health Education England commissioned East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust to deliver an education programme to mainstream healthcare professionals on making adjustments for people with learning disabilities when assessing and treating. This project was co-created by local experts by experience and health and social care professionals, and a team of six – three experts, three Learning Disability Nurses – facilitated the 9 half day workshops with 120 mainstream professionals.

In compiling the Evaluation report for East Kent Hospitals, Daniel and Ronnie both reflected on the evidence and their experiences on this project. The themes that Ronnie reflected upon included:-

  • being an employee
  • working within a team
  • facilitating education
  • Representing the thousands of other people with learning disabilities in Kent.

As part of this reflection Ronnie produced this artwork and said of it

“The workshops were intended for healthcare professionals to get a clearer view of how to work with people with learning disabilities, so the painting shows a clearer picture in the middle getting brighter as the workshop runs through the day. Also note the move from red to green highlights, this shows poor areas moving into green areas showing a betting understanding of the needs of people with learning disabilities”.

The full report is due for publication during the Autumn 2018 by East Kent Hospitals and Workforce Development for People with Intellectual Disabilities website available at