The Phone Call

My son is nineteen years old.

He is non-verbal, has severe autism, severe learning disabilities and epilepsy.

In September 2017 he was made homeless after his old provider was taken over. This led to a series of events that eventually resulted in him being sectioned.

On a Tuesday morning he went to school. On that Tuesday evening he was sectioned. He was then put in the back of a van with four strangers and driven for 8 hours to a hospital the other side of the country. He was expecting to go to school the next day. He doesn’t yet know he won’t be going back to school.

When he was sectioned we were told he would be in hospital for 3 months to allow the community team time to pull all the necessary supports and housing together. They are still pulling all the necessary supports and housing together. He may be discharged in 2018, he may not.

Until September 2017 he had never been away from me for more than two days. Now we drive a 16 hour round trip every other week to see him.

In between he rings us. He is non-verbal, but he rings us.