OneWalk - OneConversation

How are we to understand each other, if we do not have the opportunity to talk to each other?

Here’s the idea...

Born out of the OneWalk movement,OneConversation is an innovative approach to challenging stigma, stereotypes and social isolation through non-confrontational and friendly conversations. Bringing people into relationship with each other to share an extraordinary conversation through permission to step inside an unfamiliar world. Today we seem more remotely connected than ever and it feels really important that we make opportunities to sit down and listen to each other.

We want things to change...

OneConversation is an activist movement which aims to stimulate that one conversation can change someone’s mind about disability. One conversation could be all it takes to help a person see what is actually there more clearly, and to free them, and those they are regarding, from the assumptions that maintain these unnecessary divides within our society. These divides create the illusion of difference, and that which is different is feared. This fear exists in both directions, leading to avoidance, ignorance, and archaic narratives of having to protect the world from people with learning and developmental disabilities, as well as protecting people with learning and developmental disabilities from the world.

In 2019, this is not ok.

OneConversation to date is; Ryan, Suzie, Charlotte, Tracy, Denise, Nic, Graham, Brad, Andrew, Kriss and George... but the group continues to grow. Various ability levels and labels exist within the group (learning disability, autism, acquired brain injury, neurotypical), but we have come together as equals to share our skills and different perspectives and to devise a way to break down the stigma and discrimination those with disability face. We are doing this by taking the simple art of OneConversation to schools, colleges and the wider public through a pop-up cafe.

We meet most weeks and are exploring, playing, arguing and figuring out what having a conversation looks like, what we want to communicate to others, how we want to represent ourselves?

When we found out about Rightful Lives and the ‘Day in the Life’exhibition we thought we would start our communication here - bringing viewers an insight into an ordinary day in the life of us as OneConversation activists through selfies. Most of us weren’t familiar with the use of selfies but are aware of the large numbers of people who use these to curate and present the best version of themselves.Of course,we want to present the best versions of ourselves to the world too, but some of us don’t have phones, some of us can’t use phones, many of our friends don’t have phones or access to the internet so couldn’t access a platform we would post on, and quite a few of us don’t like the way we look so avoid taking pictures. But this is all about being able to communicate, so here is an intimate and personal look at what our regular lives look like,contrasted with images of us at OneConversation working on our plan to change the world.

Without enhancement,we want to show that a day in ourlife can be so much more than what it seems. In our opinion the polarity between being stuck inside and told what to do, and being a valued part of a movement that sets out to shake up societal views offers a genuine and provocative peek into the world of a section of the population who for all too long have not been taken seriously.