Marks of an Unwanted Rainbow

I tried to convey the depth of a brutal system dished out to little children and how the physical but probably even more the physiological  impact had on vulnerable children. A bruise is a bruise. Eventually it fades, but when the act bruises the mind, the heart, they aren't so easily repaired and in a lot of cases they don''s so much more than skin deep!

As a child I learned to put up a front. I took what was dished out believing I deserved it, cos of course it must've been my fault, it's not as if I had a choice really! I recall the number of times I hid myself away and sat quietly tracing outlines on my skin...inside I cried but never would I let 'them' see this. It took me a lifetime to fully comprehend & understand events that marked my childhood......doing what I do now helps 'heal' my unseen bruises and I no longer blame me

Marks of an Unwanted Rainbow


Fingers stroke my bruises, Softly tracing outlines.

I marvel at their colouration......their discolouration,

caused by blows, kicks, fists, you

Ruputuring  my inners, shaping my feelings....

my badges of honour, my badges of shame,

Shades of black, purple, and a kind of dusky yellow with grey

Sometimes there's a smudge of red, blue....and hint of green

My tears drop silently  but can't wash them away!

…..My marks of an unwanted rainbow


But bruises arrive in may guises....

You've gotta look past the shades...don't always look at the shell

try and look through the bruise, Can you see how much damage has been done.

The ouside will recover, that pain is momentarily, it's just for now,

but bruises to the heart, bruises to the mind,

they don't always recover, they shy away, they hide, they fuel my self worth,

they determine what I may feel, they contribute to my thoughts,

they paint my nightmares and my face will mask it all........

I'll offer a smile if you ask “are you alright?”....I may even nod


….......Can you see through bruises?                               

Marks of an Unwanted Rainbow
P Yusuf