Life of a self-advocate

By Jenny Carter

My life as a self advocate is enjoyable. None 2 days are the same that’s what I enjoy most about being a self advocate. I can have meetings or at an event one day and doing paperwork keeping Wirral Self Advocacy going via Together All Are Able.

It’s not always easy but it’s always a learning experience learning new things everyday. We are working with people all the time. People can think we shouldn’t do certain things I say that’s rubbish because if we are given the right support people like me can do anything.

I have done things I have never thought I would do. Which makes me happy and makes me continue to do it. I have met people I never thought I would. Also work with people I never would. I have thought though people would not really understand it till they experience it themselves. It’s just amazing I also never thought I would go to places and I know do it’s just want I do. I never forget my routes in Wirral and I help people who use Wirral Evolutions services to speak up with my friends at Together All Are Able.

Self Advocacy is changing Together All Are Able is a truly Disabilty run and lead organisation which I am very proud of. We have no paid staff. Together All Are Able enables me to do what I do. I would not change it for the world.

Thanks for reading.