Our Letter to Matt Hancock - Easier Read Version

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

10th May 2019

Dear Mr Hancock,

We have seen news articles telling us that you and your government are going to let private mental health companies be in charge of planning the support that people with learning disability and autistic people get.

We are worried about this. We do not think private mental health companies should be put in charge of deciding what care and support that people should get.

Reports and government plans have said that people with a learning disability and autistic people need to live in their communities.

In 2015, NHS England made a promise to stop inappropriate inpatient mental hospital admissions for people with learning disability and autistic people. This isn’t happening.

Your new plans will make it even harder for that to happen.

We think hospitals don’t know enough about the support people with learning disability and autistic people need to have good lives in the community. We don’t think they should be given the power and the money to decide on what that community support should be.

We also think that some organisations have ignored the government's advice on how Transforming Care should be made to work.

You have written a list of mental health hospital companies who you want to put in charge.

The Care Quality Commission is very worried about some of these companies. There have been lots of shocking stories in the news. Some hospitals have been closed down.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Joint Human Right Committee are also worried and are looking at what is happening.

We know some commissioners who are working well with organisations and community care providers. We think you should explore these ways of doing things.

We would be happy to meet with you and discuss a better way forward.

Julie Newcombe, Mark Brown and Mark Neary
Rightful Lives

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Co-signatories as of 9-20 am 15/05/2019

Sandra Mewett
Deborah Robinson
Maggie Docherty
Julia Carr
Holly Loughton
Dreenagh Lyle
Philipa Bragman CHANGE
Dr John Dixon
Alex Greenchester
Clare Ashton
Caroline Mitchell
Colleen Brannon, Isle of Wight
Edmund Coleman-Fountain
Kathryn Burke
Jennifer Phillips
Carmel O'Gorman
Leah Webster
Adrian James Hindle
Margaret and Gary Whipp
Siobhan Weaver
Becky Whinnerah
Natalie Doyle
Lucy Bibby
Patricia Clemit
Andy Kelly
Sian Wild
Lola Wild
Rosemary Tozer
Lisa Richardson
C Edwards
Shirley Franklin
Glenn Batey RNLD
Eddie Kavanagh
Deb Gardiner
Gideon Lupton
Graham Bobbin
Brenda Poole
Alison Bancroft
Alexa Wilson
Cathy Wicks
Barbara Keeley MP, Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Social Care
Ian Birrell
Claire Russell
Nicky Higby
Victoria Kane
Anna Golecka
Tom Ackroyd
Vanessa Guy
Akiko Hart
Tanya Burton
Jennifer Laird
Abi Lupton-Levy
Leise Cooper
Sarah taylor
Dawn Oswin
Joanne Tao
Janine Wigmore
Gail Pengelly
Lynne McCarrick
Lynn Williams, full time unpaid carer for husband
Sam Roberts
Lesley Broughton
Claire Jones RSW (Wales)
Richard Woods
Barry Hobbs
Alan Williams
Ian McCreath
Marisa B
Andrea Flood
Gill Loomes
Learning Disability England
Sarah Clayton and Abigail Hill
Ali Smith
Sarah Battershall
Zahra Zomorrodian
Keith Beniston
Jan Tregelles, Chief Executive, Royal Mencap Society
Jacqui Brewster
Mrs Mayes
Claire Reardon
Christopher Patch
Martin Spooner BA(Hons); Dip CBT.
Wendy Burt Parent carer Founder of include ME solutions
Christian Kerr, social worker.
Steve Scown, on behalf of Dimensions
Alison Giraud-Saunders
Helen Amor
Hilary Cragg
Louise Whitehead
Arlene Berman
Steph McDonald
Jay Stephanie Mitchell
Kate Driver
Tony Holdom
Jane Foggin
Stef Smith
T J Singleton
Dorothy Hodgkinson
Theresa Weir
Sue Turner
Lars Nielsen
Nicola Morris
Lesley Russ
Charlotte Barnes
Alix Lewer
Karlie-Dale Roberts-Cowie
Voice for Families
Anne-Marie Gregory
E Farrar
Felicity Jarvis
Jamie Gonzalez
Ashley Woodward
Polly Hallett
Jackie O'Kelly
Louise Wyers
Kate Chate
Jonathan Baldwin
Hannah Brana-Martin
WeLDNurses - Sally Wilson, Daniel Marsden, Sam Abdulla, Ross Wyatt & Paula Richardson
Daniela Lupo
Sarah Howard
Nikki Dodwell
Ashley Giles, London
Tim Nicholls
Gillian Cheetham
Deborah Snowden
Beth Richards
Karen Ashford
Melanie Thomsett
Sandra Wharton
Chris Wharton
Kelly McCormack
Kirsty Allen
George Matuska
Tonia Gonzalez
Jade Tinsley
Catherine Foggo
Jenny Owen
Richard Griffiths
E. Grace
Andrew Duncan Mather
Georgina Gisborn
David Hocken MB BS MS FRCS Retired Consultant Surgeon and former Chair of Wiltshire Law Centre
Kerry Wright
Eilish Ritchie
Karen Hannan
Helen Bowley
Linda Childs
Clare Lucignoli
Trevor Richards
Jill Byrne
Susannah Westwood
Carole Shelton
My Life My Choice
Marion Greenwood
Sophie Gribben
Jane Vivian
Deb Evans
Julie Rockliff
Agnieszka Malgorzata Lipian
George Watts
Richard Pemberton
Scott Watkin BEM
Samantha Clark
Gillian Matischen
Beckie Whelton
Peter McGill, Director of the Tizard Centre
John Crawford - CEO - Yarrow
Andrew Lever
Shirley Cusack
Deborah Conway Read
Christian Raphael MBE Vicki Raphael
Andy Burns
Edmund Shearer
Jessy Martinez Mejias
Andy Guthrie
Susan Pemberton.
Jane Harris, Director of External Affairs and Social Change, National Autistic Society
Heidi Sumner
Russell Woolgar
Kimberly Cassidy
Rosemary Thorn
Joy Makepeace
Terri McCue
Beth Lycett
Lisa Hopkins, on behalf of SeeAbility
Lucie Middlebrook
Dr Sally Morgan
Nathan Keates
Alan Avis
Gordon Cairns
Debbie Jackson
Dr Noelle McCormack
David Kirwan
Marianne Connors
Dr Minh Alexander
Challenging Behaviour Foundation
Maureen Cooper
Tracey Flynn
Josephine Sirotkin
Narender Kaur
Bev Phillips
Jonathan Owens
Danny Debideen
Gilly Robinson
Rachael Torrance
Sue West
Sarah Webley
Christine Mellon
Charlie Clay
Melissa Sheard
Jane Pidgeon
Joanne McCandless
Pauline Thomas
Marie Worley
Frederick James Brockwell
Jean Gray
Sarah Maguire
Simon Cook
Strawberry Fields
Leah Vanono
David Naden, Trustee for charities, Linkability and Integrate (Chorley & Preston)
Gill West
Liz Kennea
Anthony Dooley
Lola Caston-Hawkes
Jane Stratton
Vanessa Brand
Veronica Hopkins
Gwen Aubrey
Julie Harris
Pam Roberston
Clare Palmer Learn With Us
Steve Turner Managing Director Care Right Now CIC
Christine Papalabropoulos
Amanda Smith
Joelle Bradly
Rachel Bannister Mental Health- Time for Action
Tim Rickard
Mark Weaden
Sue Battin
Rick Burgess Manchester Disabled People Against Cuts
Marrissa Mullans
Dominic Slowie
Helen Caston
Kirsty Simpson
Evelyn Trotman
Dr Deborah Chinn
Mr M. Boddy
Jeremy Harris
Jane Hawkins
Vanessa Taylor
Betty Fisher
Danuta Gillespie
Anne Benkins
Mars Lord
Shaun Williams
Vicky Buckingham
Paula Edmondson
Karen Blair
Angela Hackett
Judith Cefalas
Leanne English
Helen Swift
Annemarie Pyrah
Sally Warren (MD Paradigm)
Jo Holloway-Green
Richard Meyrick
Karen Calladine (Parent)
Terrence Moralee
Carolyn Goffin
Rob Lee
Claire Garrod
Sam Bayley mASCot
Gregory Walters
Sara Crofts
Mary Regnier-wilson
Angela Pell
Edward Max
Rosy Leivers
Lynn Sockett
Fiona Richards-Buckle & Dr Mike Buckle
Ann-Julia Dawson
Nicola Thomas
Shelagh Middleton
Emily Kelly
Stevie Lee
A D Mather
Christina Cramsie
Rafiya Shaikh
Donna Henry
Caroline Hallgarth
Marianne Selby-Boothroyd
Wendy Wilson
Iain Campbell
Ekwutosi Evelyn Ezechukwu
Jan Lunsford
Andrea Pope-Smith
Dr Nick Hacking
Mia Majid
Iso Mullarkey
Kerry Fox
Caroline Fitzmaurice
James O'Rourke
Rosi Reed
Rose Harwood
Keith Ellis
Cecilia Walsh
Robin Garnett
Celia Fell
Leslie Finn
Kay Hayden (Carer/mother of an amazing young person with Autism/PDA)
Cathie Pursall
Sylvia Dobinson
Sean Kelly
Colin McManus
Peter Hagan
Allen Kittle
Mary Moss
Caroline Corfield
Sylvie Cordier Harvey
Suzy Checkley
Melanie Butler
DR. Anne Hamlyn
Shaun Picken
Elly Chapple
Jean Forshaw
Jon Davies
Melanie Draper
Vivi Hannibal
Katie Peacock
Paul Newton
Becki Josiah
Sadia Nakimera (Let Us Communicate)
Richard Von abendorff
Pam and Roy Hickmott parents of Tony Hickmott Autistic still Detained 19years years June 29th
Ann Earley
Hilary Roulston
Paula McGowan
Kate Eaton
Lisa Franklin
Norman Perrin
Sarah Hawes
Lucy Burke, Learning Disability England Representative Body
Adele Byford
Jan Seamer
Mamtut Cham
Sarah Offley
Wendy Macfarlane
Heidi Clover
Janis Hobbs
Craig Derry on behalf of Strategic Arc Ltd
Tess Reddington, (parent and employer of small support team)
Rebecca Richards
Frances Steepe
Beeshive Community
Francesco Palma
Claire Honess
Lisa Cookson
Terry Gibson
Nicola Bartlette
John Duck
Julia Powell
Jill Longes
Gail Ranford
Vanessa Barnes
Amanda Hannen
Terry Galgey
Kirsten Peebles
Lisa Lumbard
Christine Clarke
Helen Cherry
Jasmine O’Connor
Larry Sanders Spokesperson on Health and Social Care Green Party of England and Wales
Suzanne Kingston
Ana Maria Spencer
Susan Walters
Barry Haslam. Ex Chair of Oldham Tranx.
Marc Carter
Ian Penfold
Lucy Connolly
Kevin O’Keefe
Rosemary Trustam - for C.L.Initiatuves ltd
Deborah Woodhouse
Jackie Stillman
Karen Bentley
Kaye McIntosh
Joyce Grant
Tony Osgood
Mike Yule
Louise Hamilton
Rachael Williams
David Wolverson
Andrea Doyle
George Peel
Alison Simmons
Jan Holden
Julia Gledrie
Jane Johns
Joanna Owen
Lesley M Reader
Rhiannon Duffield
Bernadette Gibbins
P Duffield
Michael Duvk
Linda Dickinson
Giulia Stella
Kerry Duck
Melissa Kiely
Bobbi Rohrer Elman
Rosie Graham
Eve Haley
Paul Richards, Stay Up Late
Margarita Reygan
Neil Man
K Athey
Marie Day
Debbie Hargroves
Finola Moss
Lee Morgan
Michelle Craggs
Alexis Quinn, author of Unbroken and former autistic inpatient
Jessica Griffiths
Julie Hayward
Caron Hanlon
Dawn Rooke
Beverley Golding
Laure Dechelette
Nikola Matulewicz-Evans and family.
Pauline Davies
Mr Allan Stevens
Lynne Grainger
Sam Sly Enough is Enough Time4Change
Alex Rickard
Adele Green
Helen Ashby
Becky Gillespie
Janet Willicott MRSPH ACIEH
Kay Murphy (parent of Autistic person)
Jean Howard
Linda Hutchings
Georgia Fair
Dunstan Rickard
Sue Sibbald
K Robinson
Carole Hagan
Lynn McMillan
Liz Bradford
Rachel Baker
Fiona Jolleys
David Evans
Linda Johnson
Samantha Harley-Pesce
Gilda Ali
SEND Action
Liz Elston
Sarah Moorcroft
Christine Stringer
D Sapsford
C Jane Haines
Richard Trotman
Jude Ayres
D Hillery
Danielle Heffernan
Maria Smith
Victoria Sandifer
Joseph Griffin
Margaret Green
Lawrence Grady, CEO, Purley Park Trust Ltd
Anne Anderson
Sarah Smith
June Goh
Karen Callender Caplan
Bill Love
Trish Oliver
Mick Byrne
Caroline Hanman
Mark S. Pearson
Sue Philcox
David Rogers, CEO, Midland Mencap
Lucy Yeatman
Dr Mervyn Eastman
Diane Werker
Ged Carney
Peter Scott
Lynne Love
Kate Mercer
Jacqueline Padden
Bernie Mayall
Andrea Mckerell
Christine-Koulla Burke Head Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
Zoe Thompson
Janet Kelly
Carolyn F Canavan
Linda McCafferty
Fleur Boisvert
Alanna Saudade
Sharon Perry
Jane Baulcombe
Janette Gaffney
Jane Watson
Emily Fulbrook
Anne Shaw
Dr Sam Smith
Narender Kaur
Teresa Halliday
Jane Mcdowell
Susan Kellett
Valerie Graham
Gillian Mead
Helen Day
Kim Motton
Angela Jordan
Chris McPolin
Elaine Hann
Vicki Allan
Susan Cousins
Phillip Mitchell
Elizabeth Bano
Brenda Fissebden
Denise Heffernan
Tracey Rogers
Mandy Bell
Jacqueline Bolton
Elaine Clarke
Mjka Anne Scott
Nicola Herbertson Hao2.eu Ltd
Deborah Warrington
James Ridley
Shelley Ashton
Sarah An individual
Dr. Damian Milton
Clare Leahy
Ben McCormack
Marion Rapson
Susi Petherick
Samantha Bentley
Cllr Neil Nerva Chair - Brent Council Disability Forum
C Dance
Dr Sara Ryan
Clare McCarthy
Rob Greig
Denise Huscroft
Eileen Whelton
Alice Singleton
Nicola Brady
Ruth Carter
Julie Allen
Karen Wallace
Guy Bosanko - IHL Group
Nicola Blackett
Andrea Attree
Sarah Richardson Senior Lecturer Learning Disabilties University of Suffolk
Sheila Handley
Jan Loxley Blount - parent of adult with autism and founder of Parents Protecting Children UK.
Isobel Smith
Jenny Morris
Emma Clark
Janis Griffiths
Mrs. Jayne Moore
Sarah Burslem CEO - MacIntyre
David Rackliff
Kate Poyner
Lisa Perry
Lesley Brownlie
Jo Hough, Inclusion East CIC
Caroline Hunter
Kevin Hannen
Jo Varela
Jenny Carter
Valerie Ryan
Julia Furlong
Lynn Dixon
Irene Andow
Dinah Murray
Matthew Keer
Melinda Balatoni
Carole Birtwhistle
Olivia Breakwell
Nicola Klein
Jules Hipkiss
Ruth Craxton
Tracey Tanner
Cathy Wintersgill
Caroline Hopton
Jayne Neary
Hazel Griffiths
Adila Butt
Delorine green
T A Greene
Marion Rathbone
Marion Greenwood
Beverley Bray
John Roche
Fauzia Laskar
Jayne Knight
Angela Shields
Susan Rogerson
Leo Andrade
Steve Newby Chesterfield
Richard West
Noelle Blackman
Anna Rossi
Suzanne Wheelaghan
Katie Clarke
Euan Macleod
Catriona McIntosh
Jamie Newcombe
Alison Fisher
Helen Hale
Vicki Crabb
Clare Lucignoli
Sheree Green
Dr Christianne Pollock, Family Support Project.
Bernadette Adams
Helen Daly Family Carer
Betty Stanton
Jane Street Clinical psychologist
Nicola Bartzis
Kerry Moralee
Elinor Perry-Smith
James O'Rourke
Paul Newton
Amanda Lees
Sarah Bowell
Debbie Forsyth
Mark Neary
Helen Eaden
Katharine Newman Parent of learning-disabled young person.
Mary O’Toole (trustee, sheltered community for adults with learning disability/autism owned by its families: sibling advocate)
Sarah Gregory
Chris Hatton
Mark Merryweather
Jane Crittenden
Isabelle Garnett, HumanToo
Andie Gbedemah
Alicia Wood