Human Rights

By Michael George

For some months mum and I read up about Human Rights.

Based on the law we are all entitled to our human rights and this year we are celebrating anniversaries in November and December on Human Rights.

It is especially important to me when it looks like at times in my life they tried to take those rights away because of my disabilities.

We are all human beings that’s why they are called human rights.

I want big rights: to be free, not to be tortured, not to be abused, to be able to have a family life and a home. You may think that’s easy. You may think you can just take it when it comes but our autistic people and people with learning disabilities know it’s not like that nowadays. It’s hard, it’s really hard. It’s nothing like that.

I’m lucky because I’ve got people who I love making sure it’s easier for me to let those out there learn how to make it easier for me to have that freedom and independence.

I know of people like me, autistic with PDA, who don’t get what I get, don’t get understood and end up where they are now, being deprived of their human rights That’s why the Human Rights Act and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are so important.

Some people think we’re not entitled to our human rights because we have disabilities.

When the odds are stacked up against us we can fight back in court to keep our entitlement to our human rights.

I am not going to quit till we all, in the words of Bob Marley: get up, stand up, stand up for your rights; get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight!