Hannah's Letter

To Tina

Yesterday you asked my what you can do to help I asked could I think about it.

I don’t understand why I have to live like this

If this abuse and bullying happened in the work place or at school the person would have to leave or stop abusing the person.

Because I have a learning disability does not mean I am different to others I should have the same rights.

I just want to live in my home free from abuse bullying and threats to kill me.

I have lived like this for 5 years and no one has stopped it I just want not feel afraid and not have to go back to my room for safety when some one is threatening me.

I am sometimes unable to leave my room as the person is outside my door shouting or in the lounge or hall I have to wait until it is quiet before I can use the lounge to eat or do some colouring etc.

It makes me anxious and stressed and increases my seizures.

I am afraid when alone in my room and I can hear him shouting from his room I worry how long it will go on for and if will I be able to sleep.

Some times I want to run away I just want it to stop.

I sometimes feel what is happening must be my fault because no one listens or stops it from happening.

27th July 2016