Every weekend I go to see George and we do the same thing, go for a drive around the Cheshire countryside. We stop and admire the view while we eat our Dominos pizza (it's got to be Dominos, he examines the box!) and after a quick look through Facebook, (it's the only access to the internet he gets all week), he goes through the photos on my phone.

This is the one he always stops at and points to with both hands. I pretend it's the pizza he's pointing to, but I know it's the place. This is the last photo taken in his own home, the day before he was sectioned. He keeps the phone with him until we get back to the unit. He hands it back to me and I have to take him back in, until the next visit.

This is the same sofa. Various professionals have sat there discussing why he should/shouldn't return home and all the adaptations necessary to keep staff safe. 16 months so far.

The bed waiting for him at home. 24 and he still has 'Thomas' as his go-to for security and reassurance. I'm not allowed on the ward so I have no idea what his current bedroom looks like.