George at home

It took 18 months, from the day his previous provider walked out insisting on him being sectioned, to having a new provider in place and his home adapted to meet the needs of the clinical team and their concerns about a safe discharge. It was a mammoth effort and I have a lot of people to thank for making it possible:

The new provider, who stuck with us for over a year while we argued about the 'model of care' vs person centred best interest. It eventually took a Human Right argument plus a decision at Trust Director level to get past the impasse of me having MCA Deputyship and deciding he should go back home, and the clinical team's opinion that he needed a residential placement to have extra staff on hand.

The CCG commissioners, who supported the decision to go back to his tenancy with a new provider. They challenged when they had to and were prepared to try something different.

His social worker and Local Authority, who also supported his move back to his own home (and agreed S117 funding with the CCG!). All the people and support groups on Facebook from whom I have gleaned so much information and advice. I do hope that the other parents, professionals and Twitterati also know just how valuable their support and advice is.

George left the ward for good on 20th September 2018 and this was taken just a few days later. He's obviously still a bit confused (what, outside again? didn't I see you on the ward last week?).

Waiting to go in to have his ears syringed, with 3 support staff plus me, we took over the waiting room. So glad we asked for the last appointment so it would be quieter.

Almost 5 weeks post discharge and the change is remarkable. He is smiling again, and so am I.